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Hunza Powder for making Hunza Water is an Energized Electron Supplement, fortified with high voltage, high frequency Tesla technology which impregnates the carrier particles with free electrons which are the ultimate pure food of life. The Tesla energy passes through a sacred geometry labyrinth pattern in order to carry higher dimensional vibrational signals.
Hunza Water is most conveniently made from Hunza Powder which contains mainly electrically activated Silica Hydride which is an excellent carrier of free electrons.  Silica is the most abundant mineral in the body and is needed to make bone.  It is made from rice flower.  This is not Himalayan Rock salt which has no free electrons, but is otherwise very beneficial.

 Hunza Water is a powerful Antioxidant, more powerful than Vit C, Coenzyme Q10. 

Hunza contains energized Silica in the Hydride form and works by

  1. Making the natural oxygen of the body more effectively utilized
  2. Production of free electrons which are the ultimate food of life.
  3. Alkalizes the blood 
  4. Releases free electrons into every organ of the body which neutralize the damaging Free Radicals (oxidizers) which cause premature aging, arthritis, and cancer by damaging DNA.
  5. Entering the mitochondria and donates its free electrons to our ATP molecules which then energize all of the organs in our body and mind, including memory.
  6. Silica acts as a shielding carrier for electrons which cannot travel in the body without a carrier molecule such as silica or ATP.
  7. Induces enhanced physical and cognitive vitality and important anti aging co-factors.

 Hunza Water alkalises the body, boosts ATP production and confers a very high negative ORP or antioxidant potential to the body or water, which measures with an ORP meter to be around -500  mv, while most other powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 Melatonin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid  measure at around +100, +35, +24 and -63 respectively.   I take two or more daily myself as protection against cancer and aging and as a source of Energy to combat fatigue. JS.

 The Silica Hydride is available as a powder which we sell in bulk or in kosher vegcaps containing one dose.  Each container contains 60 or 120 capsules. Each capsule can be emptied into a glass of water or juice to make Hunza Water.


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  3. Hunza water – Healthy Alkaline Water  The Hunza have the longest lifespan in the world and this has been traced as related to the water that they drink and their natural diet.

  4.  Silica Hydride competitor at  This and other competitive versions are not fortified with Tesla technology as can be verfied by testing with an ORP meter (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
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